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Riichi Nomi's new team league modeled after Japan's M-League. 8 teams of 3 players each will compete in a multiple-hanchan series to determine a champion based on cumulative score with a cash prize on the line.


Once a week beginning in January 2023 there will be a session consisting of 2 hanchan. The inaugural Nomi League season will have 16 sessions.


Games will take place at Andres's apartment in Manhattan, on an Amos Rexx 3. The same table used for M-League in Japan!


25k start, 30/10 uma, 20k oka, no abortive draws, 3 red fives

Open riichi on, 1500 point honba

Kiriage mangan, nagashi mangan, kazoe and multiple yakumans ON

Headbump, agariyame, and tobi/busting OFF


transparent-rinshan kaibros_edited.png

Rinshan Kaibros

Captain: Andre C.

Vinny T.

Samuel D.

transparent-Brooklyn Sours.png

Brooklyn Sours

Captain: Vince C.

Wei W.

Calvin C.

Opie Dopes.jpg

Opie Dopes

Captain: Christopher L.

Nicholas N.

David C.


The Emperor Penguins

Captain: Pio Y.

Jason Q.

Damian M.


Queens Mahjong Triad

Captain: Josh K.

Erik K.

Christian M.


Team Yakumen

Captain: Kevin N.

Quincy H.

Honver L.

transparent-Destroyers Logo_edited.png

The Destroyers

Captain: Amy G.

Julian A.

Michael W.


The Peregrine FalKANs

Captain: Claire P.

Andres H.

Mike V.

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