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Types of Tournaments

Riichi Nomi Open


The Riichi Nomi Open is an annual, international tournament held in the summertime (June or July). Riichi Nomi Open is a two-day event with an entry fee and prizes for winners. RNO 2022 had 76 players, making it one of the largest Riichi Mahjong tournaments in North America! For more information and the results, check our Past Events tab.

Stay tuned for sign up information for RNO 2023!

Local Tournaments


Riichi Nomi hosts local tournaments every few months. Smaller in scale, these take place during a single day and are generally capped at 16 players. They are generally hosted in the club president’s apartment and played on her automatic mahjong tables. There are sometimes smaller entry fees and prizes for local tournaments.

Online Tournaments

At the end of each month, Riichi Nomi hosts a small knockout tournament on an online mahjong platform for players to compete in from the comfort of their homes. These monthly knockout tournaments are open to anyone in the Riichi Nomi discord and can earn you a cool discord title at the top of our server for the month! Join our discord here to play.


Riichi Nomi Open 2022

Results and Winners

The champion in first place of the Riichi Nomi Open was  Manhattan's own Amy Gu!!

Special shout out to second place Takahiro Sakurai from Chicago, third place Sylvie Brunelle from Montreal, and fourth place Andres Hernandez from Manhattan as well.

Click through here for the spreadsheet of full results.

Tournament Photos


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