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Founding and mission.

Riichi Nomi NYC, established in 2020, is a New York City based riichi mahjong club that is open to people of all skill and experience levels. We were established to foster an inclusive, educational, competitive, and most importantly fun forum for our members to play the game we all love. We are proud to have quickly grown to become one of the largest mahjong clubs in the country.


The club’s mission is to spread the game of riichi mahjong, primarily in the New York City metro area, by recruiting new members and providing ample opportunities to play at club events. We aim to provide growth opportunities to increase the skill of our members through practice, coaching, and study. Through our mission we hope to elevate the overall popularity and competency of riichi mahjong in the United States. 


The club focuses on providing a breadth of situations to play in, ranging from casual matches to more comprehensive simulations of different rulesets or competitive environments. We offer frequent online and in-person events for members to practice and compete against each other and collaborate with mahjong players from across the globe. We show off our skills by participating in national and international tournaments and we also host events that offer the opportunity to contend against high-level competition.


Current Officers


Claire Pozniak


Vincent Cordera


Erik Karhan


Andres Hernandez


Sam Deslandes


Pio Yoon

Want to join our club?

We offer plenty of events to grow your mahjong skills and compete against other players! Find out more about how you can play riichi mahjong in New York City by joining our Discord server or emailing us at


Become a Riichi Nomi Member!

We encourage Riichi Mahjong fans from near and far to become a member of Riichi Nomi NYC! Members are invited to exclusive members-only tournaments and fun social events, and they receive extra coaching from our talented Officer team. Member contributions promote a wide variety of Riichi Mahjong-related activities, such as in-person meetups, online play sessions, YouTube educational videos, and organization of internationally recognized tournaments taking place right here in New York. Your membership ensures New York City will continue to be a hub for Riichi Mahjong activity in the USA! 

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