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Play Mahjong at our live meetups!

We host free and open Riichi Mahjong meetups in person every week, and sometimes more! Every Sunday, you can join our meetup in midtown Manhattan, where you can get to know other players and compete for a spot in the monthly rankings. Our meetups are convenient to most subway lines, making it easy for players from Queens to New Jersey to reach us for games. See our schedule on the home page or in our discord, we hope to see you there!

We also host meetups monthly in Long Island for our players farther afield, and occasionally play is hosted in Brooklyn at the Club President's apartment featuring four automatic mahjong tables!

Our friendly club officers are more than happy to walk you through any rules or start a teaching table for you until you're ready to hop into our ranked games. We welcome everyone, and have brought many players from "Hey, what game is this you're playing here?" to "Ron, 12,000 points!" through our teaching tables!

Meetup Ruleset

-Hanchan (east-south games)

-75 minute timer; when 75 minutes is called, finish the hand you are playing and game ends

-Aka Ari (3 red fives)

-30k start, 30k return (no oka)

-15/5/-5 /-15 uma

-300 point honba

-Tobi OFF (game continues if a player goes under 0 points)

-Agariyame OFF (game continues if dealer is in first)

-Headbump ON (double and triple rons OFF)

-Nagashi mangan ON (Mangan at Draw)

-Kiriage mangan ON (4han/30fu is mangan)

-No abortive draws

-Kandora flips IMMEDIATELY

-Multiple yakuman ON 

-Kazoe yakuman OFF

-Local yaku OFF

-No extension to west round

Enter the Shuffle

  • Once you are at the meetup spot, click on the button below to join the queue for the next hanchan

  • If it's your first time here, ask around to find the IRL Play Officer to add you to the roster

Log Your Game

  • Scores are accumulated over the entire month.

  • Standings will reset every 1st of the month. Giving everyone a fresh start and a chance to claim 1st!

View Monthly Standings

See the results of previous months of Riichi Nomi in-person games here.


Become a Riichi Nomi Member!

We encourage Riichi Mahjong fans from near and far to become a member of Riichi Nomi NYC! Members are invited to exclusive members-only tournaments and fun social events, and they receive extra coaching from our talented Officer team. Member contributions promote a wide variety of Riichi Mahjong-related activities, such as in-person meetups, online play sessions, YouTube educational videos, and organization of internationally recognized tournaments taking place right here in New York. Your membership ensures New York City will continue to be a hub for Riichi Mahjong activity in the USA! 

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