Play Mahjong online with our club!

Online play is a great way to get started with Riichi Mahjong. We play Mondays and Wednesdays at 6PM Eastern time.

How to Play Online

We play mahjong online on the Mahjong Soul or Tenhou clients. Games begin at 6pm every Monday and Wednesday, followed by round-robin shufflings starting every 45 minutes to an hour depending on game durations. To play online, you must be a club member by our Patreon or by residency, former or current, in the tri-state area. All games are managed from our Discord server using a bot that tracks the current queue and game results. If the current league is playing on Mahjong Soul, you must also register your Friend ID with us using our Discord bot.

Current Venue and Rule Set

Client: Tenhou. Ruleset Name: Jansou Month!


Jansou Month rules:

Hanchan • 3 Red Fives • Shugi (chips) on for red dora, ippatsu, uradora • 25,000 start/30,000 return • 30/10 uma • Busting • Agariyame • Multi-Rons • Nagashi Mangan • Kiriage Mangan • No 4 riichi or 4 kan abortive draw • Multiple and Counted Yakuman

Online Standings

Click here to view results from our current online league. There are weekly awards as well as monthly to give everyone lots of opportunities to shine!


Outside New York City and want to play online?

Join our Patreon to play in our online league and support our club!