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Riichi Mahjong @ Anime Boston 2024

Riichi Nomi Location at Anime Boston 2024: Tabletop Gaming Hall B

March 29-31, 2024

Friday 10am - 9pm: Teaching and Free Play

Friday 9pm - 11pm: Free Play

Saturday 10am - 5pm: Teaching and Free Play

Saturday 5pm - 9pm: Knockout Tournament! (Free play at open tables)

Friday 9pm - 11pm: Free Play

Sunday 10am - 3pm: Teaching and Free Play

Teaching: Stop by to learn how to play Japanese Riichi mahjong! Our teachers will help you go from initiates to tile slinging masters in one lesson. Please allow for roughly 45 minutes to an hour to learn!

Free play: Tables not being used to teach will be available for free play. Bring your friends or meet new ones over the board!

Knockout Tournament: Signup for a 3 round tonpuusen knockout tournament will be available starting on Friday at our booth. Each round will last 45 minutes, and rules can be found at the booth. All experience levels are welcome, just know how to form a valid hand. You can always learn with us at our teaching sessions!

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