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Riichi Nomi NYC

America's largest Riichi Mahjong club.

News and Events


Annual Riichi Nomi Holiday Party

Save the date for our annual holiday party! This will be our membership drive for 2024, and is a club-sponsored party with mahjong, food, drinks, "Secret Santa", and fun. Hope we can see you there!

Location: Ryujin - 513 Grand St., Brooklyn

Ticket purchasing for the annual holiday party will go live on November 6th at 8pm. We anticipate spots going quickly, so if you would like to attend, make sure you’re online to snag a spot!

What is Riichi Mahjong?


Riichi Mahjong is a descendant of traditional Chinese Mahjong, developed and played primarily in Japan. With special rules that emphasize defense as well as offense, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular variants played worldwide. Join our Discord if you are interested in learning how to play!

Join Us!

We count first-time players as well as seasoned worldwide tournament players amongst our members, and you are welcome too! We teach, play, and compete every week in person and online. We welcome all skill levels, whether this is the first time you’ve heard of the game or if you’re a seasoned master of mahjong!

Upcoming Events


Support Riichi Nomi!

We encourage Riichi Mahjong fans from near and far to become a member of Riichi Nomi NYC! Members are invited to exclusive members-only tournaments and fun social events, and they receive extra coaching from our talented Officer team. Member contributions promote a wide variety of Riichi Mahjong-related activities, such as in-person meetups, online play sessions, YouTube educational videos, and organization of internationally recognized tournaments taking place right here in New York. Your membership ensures New York City will continue to be a hub for Riichi Mahjong activity in the USA! 

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